Agency management
Agency management
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Agency management

Some businesses rely on their own abilities and the abilities of their employees for in-house marketing needs, but increasingly, a partnership with an advertising agency is a necessary step in the growth process. Your agency should be a strategic partner that will be an extension of your team, probably for the next several years, so it’s very important to find one that fits.

Any individual or business should think critically about what role the advertising agency will play in helping you achieve your business and marketing objectives as thousands of wildly different agencies exist and with the advances in technology and the introduction of digital marketing, you have more than ever to choose between.

From areas of specialisation of creativity and pure production to PR and digital, the agency choice and relationship is key to fulfilling your needs otherwise a costly, time-consuming and exhausting relationship can result that instead of helping, actually becomes burdensome and wasteful.

Once an agency has been selected their ongoing management is also an important. There will come times when creative work is not to standard and you have to give feedback, and others when budgets come under pressure and you have to work through that. Content is important and often, product expertise from your company needs to be melded with the production efforts of the agency. When managed correctly, a relationship with an agency can be progressive and positive.

Mayfair is experienced in agency selection and management and can help you find and manage your outsourced expertise to ensure your wishes are communicated well and that your agency stays on track so you get the most value out of your marketing spend and that your marketing performance and process improves.

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