PR and media management
PR and media management
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PR and media management

How, where and when you communicate your messages, whether it be to journalists, via advertisements or using social media, is a strategy that should be planned and balanced with the rest of your marketing activity. Correct message communication can be very powerful if planned and activated in a proactive and coherent manner.

Perhaps most importantly, a carefully considered public relations strategy can protect your brand and reputation and keep you in control. You should consider negative publicity, a crisis and the dangers of social media then develop a media protocol so your employees know what their roles are and how to react.

Mayfair Sydney can work with you to map and set your public relations strategy, particularly in the thoroughbred business, given Mayfair’s experience and relationships with your target audience, the racing media and other opinion leaders. This fundamental understanding enables Mayfair to effectively advise your team on how to write your press releases and other content such as tweets, how to communicate with the press and what to say in interviews and in times of crisis.

Media planning and procurement is another service offered by Mayfair Sydney. Mayfair can procure your media to ensure optimal placement and price so you receive maximum benefit from your advertisements.

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