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Pure consultancy
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Pure consultancy

Every business has different ambitions, whether they are commercial, political or ideological; so the marketing approach for one company is not necessarily the same as it is for the next. Challenges also vary from business to business and may relate to expertise, time, choice, budget or change.

Sometimes in small business senior managers like to get involved to some degree with the marketing of their company. Busy schedules combined with recognising that they need to have expert marketing knowledge, particularly where significant investment is required, often initiates the idea of having an affiliation with a marketing consultant.

Mayfair offers high-quality strategic counsel to senior management to help identify the changes and challenges that your business is experiencing, set or reset your goals at any level, tailor solutions that suit your business and show you a way, as frequently as you wish, to ensure your marketing is always performing as well as it should be to ensure your ambitions are being achieved.

Brands change, your product or service changes, your ambitions change, demands on your time change, the economy changes, the market changes, your audience changes, the management of your company changes, technology changes, fashion changes, the way your market communicates changes, the expertise of your employees change, the size of your business changes. Businesses change every day and that change will affect your marketing.

Digital or print?
Facebook or instagram?
In-house or outsource?
Direct mail or email?
Sponsorship or advertising?

Mayfair can help you decide.

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